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A place where you can indulge your needs to get back in touch with nature and come to a better understanding of the plants and animals that have shaped our lives for millennia and will continue to do so for many years to come. We are an environmentally conscious company devoted to educating the public about herbal medicine, holistic medicine, and all forms of natural healing that come from within ourselves and from the power and spirit of Nature Herself.

Nature can be viewed in many ways but we like to view Nature as a pharmaceutical company in and of itself with drug manufacturers that are far more skilled than the average chemist or technician employed by big pharma. The plants of this Earth have had over 4 billion years of evolution to develop into the most complicated array of flora that goes beyond the limits of our imaginations. With this extreme level of variation among plant species, the potential for finding and utilizing medicinally valuable molecules within these plants is virtually endless. Nature Herself is a powerhouse of healing potential just waiting to be explored and used for the benefit of all living creatures on planet Earth.

The Earth provides and it is up to us, humans, the craftiest and wisest of species to discover the treasures that lie within the darkness of the rain forests, the depths of the oceans, the bareness of the deserts, and the vastness of the Arctic so we can study and utilize them for the benefit of humans, animals, and plants alike. Nature provides all that we need but it is up to us to understand what exactly is at our fingertips so we know how to use the tools and medicines that Nature has so generously bestowed upon us. Most importantly, we must always remember to explore, discover, take, and use the resources of this Earth respectfully and wisely. As noted from our past, humans have not always been very respectful or wise in terms of our relationship to the environment. We have not even begun to understand our dependency on and our interconnections with Nature and I believe the sooner we come to realize this, the brighter all of our futures will be in terms of health, happiness, and wealth.

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